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Doorbelling in Edmonds Opens Doors for Understanding

I have now visited over 3,500 homes in Edmonds and talked with hundreds of people about their thoughts about our city.  Not surprising, many of them express concern over the lack of civility between Council Members.  They simple don’t understand why adults can’t tDoorbelling Rainreat each with common courtesy.  Hopefully our conversations help restore trust in at least one potential council member.

One of the side benefits of getting out into the neighborhoods is the opportunity to hear some amazing stories about what people like about our city.  An elderly woman recalled taking a bike ride over 50 years ago with the then Mayor’s wife to promote recreation.  They rode up Main, then north to Meadowdale and down Olympic View Drive.  They completed the trip on one-speed bikes.  She said, “It was a waste of an afternoon, but coming down OVD was fun!.”

It a real privilege getting to know my city while out on the campaign trail.  Even in the rain!

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