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What you need to know…

I love my city and am extremely excited about all the great things happening in Edmonds.  I want to lead the charge to keep up the good work and serve with others who care about our city as much as I do.

I’m wildly enthusiastic about:

Our Parks

Our Police and Fire Services

Our Amazing Downtown

Our Friendly Neighborhoods

Our Extraordinary Schools

Our Beaches, Views and Trees

Our Growing Cultural Diversity

Our Dynamic Volunteers

Our Passion for the Environment

Our Commitment to Healthy Lifestyles



I’ve lived in Edmonds for over 20 years, raised four kids all the way through the Public Schools.  My wife teaches at Chase Lake Elementary School.  Our friend and neighborhoods helped me get elected to the City Council in 2016 and are gathering again to join my campaign for Mayor.

Served two-terms on the Edmonds Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Participated in writing the Transportation Elements of the Comp Plan.
  • Participated in an extensive Walkway and Bicycling Plan focusing on connectivity between Parks, Schools and Neighborhoods.

Served as Chair of the Edmonds Planning Board

  • Facilitated Public Hearings
  • Participated in the Hwy 104 Corridor transportation study
  • Participated in development of the Current Comprehensive Plan

Served three years on the City Council

  • Worked on Housing and forming the Arts District
  • Chaired the Public Works Committee
  • Helped bring a Walkway Crew for better pedestrian safety


Organizational Consultant

  • Providing Human Resource Development services for non-profits and small businesses.
  • Developing custom training resources for clients
  • Gained professional certification in team building and career assessments.