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Frequently Asked Questions

-Why are you running for election to council?

I’ve been on the Planning Board for four years and worked on Transportation issues in the city before that. I want to bring that experience to the council and to the extent that I developed expertise in those areas, I want to bring that too. Personally, I gravitate toward planning for the future, so doing a good job with that will be my emphasis.

-If elected, what are your priorities?

I am committed to implementing the Strategic Action Plan for the city. When we asked citizens what they wanted, over 2,500 people got involved with the process. I think it represents a growing vision for our city that citizens support, so I want to support it too.

I am also committed to funding essential services in our city. We need to establish a revenue base for things like street maintenance and public safety. A strong local economy goes a long way toward resolving those issues.

Finally, I will continue to empower grass root efforts to improve neighborhood initiatives. I got my start by helping neighbors reduce the speed of traffic on our streets and near our neighborhood school. City Council members have access to resources or know which way to point to get resources that can help when other avenues falter.

-What from your personal and/or professional background makes you a good candidate for the job?

Professionally I run a non-profit organization, but my focus over the last 10 years has been helping organizations implement change at a board level. Budgeting, hiring and managing personnel are a big part of what goes into my consulting process.

In the past I have written training curriculum on Group Facilitation and Conflict Management. I consistently draw on those experiences as Chairman of the Planning Board and expect they may be useful as a member of the City council.

-What do you think the current council does well? And if elected, what would you do differently?

Our current council is obviously committed to parks and recreation in our city. They have also done a good job overseeing our budget during a tough economic cycle. I give the Mayor high marks for facilitating a community and development program that has seen an improvement in the way our city looks, which has included helping bring in new businesses that people enjoy.

I would like to see improvements in the way that we facilitate new developments in our city. Whether it’s building on or improving an existing site, too many property owners say that valuable time is wasted in the development process. If we expect to improve areas like Highway 99 or in our transition zones like Westgate, we will need to send a crystal clear message of what we want as a city. I think our city council can do a better job of creating consensus and speaking with one voice.

In addition, I think our council can do a better job with their decision making process. When I work with capable people with differing skill sets I want to maximize their input when creating solutions. In that sense, I’m a collaborator. Once a consensus forms and a vote it taken, its time to get things done.20140921_135833_Android

If the group decides to go with a solution that I don’t fully support, I’m not going keep second guessing the decision.  And, I certainly won’t be throwing up roadblocks to perpetuate in action. At that point, I’ll be ready to move on to the next decision.

-Is there anything you would like to add?

My family enjoys living in Edmonds. Our two youngest attend Meadowdale High School and are active in sports. Our two oldest boys got their first jobs in Edmonds and learned valuable skills that are helping them work their way through college. When my wife and I want to kick back we often head downtown to meet with friends or walk along the waterfront. Many of the people I’ve met campaigning say they enjoy the same things about Edmonds.


Served two-terms on the Edmonds Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Participated in writing the Transportation Elements of the Comp Plan.
  • Participated in an extensive Walkway and Bicycling Plan focusing on connectivity between Parks, Schools and Neighborhoods.

Currently serves as Chair of the Edmonds Planning Board

  • Facilitated Public Hearings
  • Participated in the Hwy 104 Corridor transportation study
  • Participated in development of the Current Comprehensive Plan

Other Community Involvement

  • Participated in city wide Strategic Planning process involving more than 2,500 citizens
  • Served two-years as the President of the Meadowdale High School Booster Club
  • Coached Sno-King youth soccer
  • Volunteered with Edmonds Art Festival and church functions


Served 15 Years with an International Training and Consulting organization

  • Studied over 2 dozen cities in the Puget Sound region for population trends, traffic patterns and neighborhood dynamics.
  • Worked with regional and national boards facilitating and implementing strategic plans.
  • Taught classes on Organizational Leadership and Urban Studies.
  • Trained church leaders and educators in neighborhood and community based services.

Started a new organization serving as President and Executive Director in 2015

  • Provided Human Resource Development services for other non-profits
  • Developed training resources for clients


High School Graduate – Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA

BA Communications: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

MDiv Theology: International Christian Graduate University, San Bernardino, CA

DMin – Community Development: Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA