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Everett Herald Endorses Nelson, Teitzel and Tibbott

Posted on: October 27th, 2015 by Edmonds

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By The Herald Editorial Board – Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 12:01 a.m. – Excerpted Article…

City Council Position No. 7: Neil Tibbott is challenging incumbent Lora Petso, who won reelection in 2011 after she was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2010. Including a term in 2000 to 2003, Petso has served nine years on the council.

Tibbott, who for 15 years worked for a consulting group that analyzed traffic patterns, population trends and neighborhood dynamics for more than 20 cities in Western Washington, is now the executive director for an organization that provides human resource services for nonprofits. He is the current chairman of the city planning commission and served two terms on the city’s transportation committee.

Full Article…

Tibbott has the knowledge base, experience and demeanor that the council could benefit from. He deserves the support of Edmonds voters.

Doorbelling in Edmonds Opens Doors for Understanding

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by Edmonds

I have now visited over 3,500 homes in Edmonds and talked with hundreds of people about their thoughts about our city.  Not surprising, many of them express concern over the lack of civility between Council Members.  They simple don’t understand why adults can’t tDoorbelling Rainreat each with common courtesy.  Hopefully our conversations help restore trust in at least one potential council member.

One of the side benefits of getting out into the neighborhoods is the opportunity to hear some amazing stories about what people like about our city.  An elderly woman recalled taking a bike ride over 50 years ago with the then Mayor’s wife to promote recreation.  They rode up Main, then north to Meadowdale and down Olympic View Drive.  They completed the trip on one-speed bikes.  She said, “It was a waste of an afternoon, but coming down OVD was fun!.”

It a real privilege getting to know my city while out on the campaign trail.  Even in the rain!

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Tibbott Chairs City Planning Board

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by Edmonds

PRESS RELEASE – pic Neil with TreesNeil Tibbott currently chairs the Planning Board of the city of Edmonds. He has served on the board for over four years. During that time he participated in land use decisions, public hearings and the most recently completed Comprehensive Plan, which is now before the City Council. For Planning Board information please see the city website here…

As a part of Neil Tibbott’s responsibilities as chair of the Planning Board, he represented the Board on the SR 104 study group which evaluated speeds of traffic during various times of the day, accident data and kinds of vehicles using the corridor.  A draft of their study can be found here.

Earlier this summer, Neil facilitated the Public Hearing regarding the proposed Tree Code. As part of the discovery process before recommending any new code to the City Council, the Planning Board provided a forum for public input. After listening to over 50 comments during the course of the hearing and recording citizen opposition to the code, the Planning Board recommended that the Council discontinue the process for updating the Tree Code. A new code, if necessary, would only follow a more complete conversation integrating more citizen input and data from all parts of the city.

Other Important Planning Documents…

City Budget  City_of_Edmonds_Preliminary_Budget_2015 

City Revenue Forecast 2012-2019_Forecast

City of Edmonds – Strategic Action Plan

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by Edmonds

COMMUpic Bracketts LandingNITY UPDATE – The Planning Board also contributed in collaborative conversations with the City Council, Economic Development Commission, and over 2,500 citizens. The process involved identifying desirable objectives, receiving public input and prioritizing projects. The plan was approved in April of 2013 and updated again in April of 2015.

The strategic action Plan is different from city codes. According to the city website, “It is not a legal document but a living policy and planning document that will evolve over time.” More details can be found at…

The Economic Development Commission oversees implementation of the plan and encourages citizen involvement. . Neil is committed to the process of implementing the Strategic Action Plan because it empowers citizens to contribute to the highest priority improvements that we have chosen for our city.

Recently Neil commented, “We are blessed with extraordinary talent in our city. It makes sense for us to work together to complete projects that we care about most. The Economic Development Comment serves as a strategic link between citizen and city resources for implanting the plan.”

Parks and Recreation Plans

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by Edmonds

COMMUNITY UPDATE – Neil Tibbott currentpic Yost Pool Activityly chairs the Planning Board for the City of Edmonds which also serves as the Parks Board. The Planning Board receives reports from city staff and recommends priorities for the coming year.

In addition to receiving reports for parks, Neil’s family is actively involved in city recreational programs. Yost Pool is one of their favorite summer time hang outs.

The PROS plan guides the development of Parks and Cultural opportunities for the city. More about the plan can be found here.Edmonds_PROS_Plan