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Parks and Recreation Plans

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by Edmonds

COMMUNITY UPDATE – Neil Tibbott currentpic Yost Pool Activityly chairs the Planning Board for the City of Edmonds which also serves as the Parks Board. The Planning Board receives reports from city staff and recommends priorities for the coming year.

In addition to receiving reports for parks, Neil’s family is actively involved in city recreational programs. Yost Pool is one of their favorite summer time hang outs.

The PROS plan guides the development of Parks and Cultural opportunities for the city. More about the plan can be found here.Edmonds_PROS_Plan

Neil Tibbott announces he is running for Edmonds City Council

Posted on: May 5th, 2015 by Edmonds


Neil Tibbott announces he is running for Edmonds City Council
Edmonds WA, May 5, 2015

Neil Tibbott, a 3 1/2 year member of the Edmonds Planning Board, is stepping up to run for the Edmonds City Council position #7, currently held by Lora Petso. “My work on the Planning Board and Transportation Committee gives me a solid foundation for working with neighborhoods, Staff, Mayor and Councilmembers on the critical issues of transportation and land use” Tibbott explains. “I recognize that for a city to ‘work’ now and in the future, it must also ‘work’ for the neighborhoods. They are the building blocks of any city,” he believes.

Neil Tibbott’s background is in training boards and developing non-profit organizations. He has worked in over 2 dozen cities around the Puget Sound region studying demographics, population trends and historic patterns. He holds advanced degrees in Organizational Leadership and is an advocate for citizen participation in neighorhoods.

Neil and his wife Margaret have lived in Edmonds for over 15 years in the Seaview neighborhood. Margaret teaches with the Edmonds School District. Together they have 4 children, 2 at Meadowdale High School and have been active in youth sports and city recreation for many years. “We have enjoyed the benefits of raising our children in Edmonds and want to be sure our City stays livable for current and future residents,” explained Tibbott.

Tibbott is endorsed by Rep. Strom Peterson, former Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson, fellow Planning Board members Phil Lovell and Dan Robles. Port Commissioners Fred Gouge and Dave Preston also provide their endorsement. Local business owners, friends from church and many others from the community support his campaign. He looks look forward to meeting with all the different groups in Edmonds and to meet the citizens personally as he doorbells and holds meetings.

He welcomes questions and wants to hear from people about their perspectives and ideas for how to keep Edmonds thriving for its people and businesses.

He is also reaching out for anyone who would like to help him during this campaign.

“It’s a daunting task to undertake when you have a family and a consulting practice, but with help and support, it’s very doable and I am excited about the chance to give back,” Tibbott adds.