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    By The Herald Editorial Board – Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 12:01 a.m. - Excerpted Article… City Council Position No. 7: Neil Tibbott is challenging incumbent Lora Petso, who won reelection in 2011 after she was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2010. Including a term in 2000...[ Read More ]
I have now visited over 3,500 homes in Edmonds and talked with hundreds of people about their thoughts about our city.  Not surprising, many of them express concern over the lack of civility between Council Members.  They simple don't understand why adults can't treat each with common courtesy.  Hopefully our...[ Read More ]

Tibbott Chairs City Planning Board

Posted July 27, 2015 in News

PRESS RELEASE - Neil Tibbott currently chairs the Planning Board of the city of Edmonds. He has served on the board for over four years. During that time he participated in land use decisions, public hearings and the most recently completed Comprehensive Plan, which is now before the City Council....[ Read More ]
COMMUNITY UPDATE - The Planning Board also contributed in collaborative conversations with the City Council, Economic Development Commission, and over 2,500 citizens. The process involved identifying desirable objectives, receiving public input and prioritizing projects. The plan was approved in April of 2013 and updated again in April of 2015. The...[ Read More ]
COMMUNITY UPDATE - Neil Tibbott currently chairs the Planning Board for the City of Edmonds which also serves as the Parks Board. The Planning Board receives reports from city staff and recommends priorities for the coming year. In addition to receiving reports for parks, Neil’s family is actively involved in...[ Read More ]