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Tibbott Announces His Campaign for Re-Election to the Edmonds City Council

I am pleased to announce that I am running for a second term to serve on the Edmonds City Council, Position #7.  It’s been a rewarding and fulfilling three years and I have strong support from family and friends to run again.

From the time I started serving on the Council in 2016, I made it a practice to be informed and come to every meeting prepared to discuss matters related to running the City of Edmonds.  I intend to continue bringing a broad perspective to the position and effectively representing the entire city.

In addition to learning about ways our city functions, I have worked diligently to improve public safety through improved transportation and walkway systems.  As an example, while working on the Public Works Committee, we saw the potential for adding more sidewalks and ramps throughout the city at lower cost by adding a walkway crew to the Public Works Department.  I’m proud to say that we funded that crew within the 2019 budget.

To many, the most visible thing the Council does happens during our Tuesday night council meetings.  During my time on council, I have greatly appreciated how much more effective the council can be when citizens, community groups, and business owners are part of the decision-making process.  Edmonds is a remarkable community, filled with people who share a deep appreciation for our community.  As Edmonds responds to the challenges of population growth, housing needs, regional matters, and environmental concerns, we become increasingly dependent on our citizens sharing their creativity and solutions to problems.   

For my next term, I plan to continue my focus on our community’s ability to provide necessary services to our citizens, e.g., public safety, transportation, utilities in addition to the amenities that make Edmonds such a wonderful community.  While it will be important for us to budget wisely as we move forward on significant public projects such as building Civic Park, the Waterfront Activity Center and improving the Marsh, we also need to facilitate important conversations regarding longer range projects like the Edmonds Street Connector and housing options.

I’m proud of the endorsement I’ve already received and the dedication of my Honorary Co-chairs, Gary Haakenson, Mike Schindler, Darlene Stern and Carl Zapora.  For a growing list of supporters please visit my website…

“Neil exhibits the kind of representation that results in reaching the best outcome for the community.”  Darlene Stern

I hope I can count on your vote and support as well.


Contact Info:

Neil Tibbott –  – 425.493.4791

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