City of Edmonds – Strategic Action Plan

COMMUpic Bracketts LandingNITY UPDATE – The Planning Board also contributed in collaborative conversations with the City Council, Economic Development Commission, and over 2,500 citizens. The process involved identifying desirable objectives, receiving public input and prioritizing projects. The plan was approved in April of 2013 and updated again in April of 2015.

The strategic action Plan is different from city codes. According to the city website, “It is not a legal document but a living policy and planning document that will evolve over time.” More details can be found at…

The Economic Development Commission oversees implementation of the plan and encourages citizen involvement. . Neil is committed to the process of implementing the Strategic Action Plan because it empowers citizens to contribute to the highest priority improvements that we have chosen for our city.

Recently Neil commented, “We are blessed with extraordinary talent in our city. It makes sense for us to work together to complete projects that we care about most. The Economic Development Comment serves as a strategic link between citizen and city resources for implanting the plan.”