Tibbott Kickoff Speech Outlines Commitment to Edmonds

Neil Tibbott for Mayor Kickoff Speech

April 11, 2019

I want to give a special thank you to my family: my wife Margaret, who is a teacher; my son, whom you met earlier; and my parents, who are here tonight as well.

I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming support that I have received from across Edmonds. We’ve only been working together on this campaign for a month. AND our momentum is growing fast!

Before I get into the reason for why I’m running for Mayor,I’d like to tell you a little bit about my family and how we ended up in Edmonds.

Twenty years ago we were looking for a place to settle our family. On one of my trips through Edmonds I saw the downtown, the beach and the recreational opportunities and realized this would be a great place for us. After that Margaret and I checked out the schools and neighborhoods and decided to make Edmonds our home. We have never looked back.

Since then we’ve raised four kids. We’ve remodeled our house, coached soccer, held BBQs and enjoyed maybe more than our fair share of the restaurants. And like you we’ve made a lot of friends and a lot of cherished memories along the way.

So why am I running for Mayor? It’s because I care so deeply about our city and what I’ve received here. AND … I want to give back to the city that has given so much to us.

As mayor I want to be known as the chief defender, the chief advocate and chief collaborator. I promise to reach out to the entire city so that we can be proud of our government and hopeful about our future.

Now let me take a minute to talk about two trends that I see emerging in our city. The first is a positive trend …

I’m very excited by all the great things happening in our city right now. Projects like the Waterfront Center and Civic field; programs like becoming the first Creative District in the state … our efforts to improve our environment and the emergence of new businesses and restaurants … A lot of great things are happening in Edmonds.

However, I am concerned about what would happen if we do not continue to invest in these great programs. I want to make sure they last. I want to make sure that City Hall supports services that help families and business to thrive here.

I am the candidate in this race offering Sound Leadership backed with the skills, administrative background and working knowledge of city planning. I will keep this trend moving in a positive direction.

But there is a second trend … and it’s a downward trend, and it concerns me deeply. As we listen to the national conversation it’s easy to hear the lack of civility between people and opposing parties. It’s a damaging trend that tears at the heart of our relationships. Unfortunately, we’re seeing that trend appear here in Edmonds too.

With Sound Leadership, I plan to guide vital conversations across our city. I have worked for over 20 years in the field of communications and public engagement. I majored in Communications at the University of Washington, and I know how to build consensus and create effective strategies.

I care deeply about my city. And as your Mayor, I will lead our city effectively into the future because I appreciate where we’ve come from.  Whether the trends point up … or point down, I promise to bring Sound Leadership to the city of Edmonds.

So, why did we play that song Superstition? There is a superstition going around our town that partisan politics are going to win this race. That’s pure superstition! I am not running as a Democrat or Republican or a member of any political party.

Tonight, I know that we have people from across the political spectrum in this room, AND I think that’s great! Everyone in this room is here because we care about our city, not about which political interest is going to dominate our conversations.

I do not represent any special interest. I am not compelled to implement the latest ideas from Seattle, or Olympia, or even Washington, D.C. I am here for Edmonds. I will be YOUR Mayor to provide Sound Leadership for OUR future together.

I am not running for Mayor to seek higher office. I will be here for you, for as long as you elect me to serve.

I promise you, I will not shoot from the hip when it comes to citywide programs. When I lead, you will know that we have gathered the facts and studied them with community stakeholders. Other candidates will give you a laundry list of programs that they want to implement. They will do this without specifics on what those programs look like, or how we’ll pay for them.

However, when you hear about a course of action that I propose, it will be a course that has a plan and a budget and a target. As your Mayor, I will not waste taxpayer money. I will prioritize public safety and the infrastructure that supports your life and your family and your livelihood in Edmonds. Don’t just take my word for it. I encourage you to ask anyone who’s ever worked with me. They will tell you; I insist on a good plan.

As your mayor, I want you to know that I care deeply about our way of life here in Edmonds because it has meant so much to me and my family. I will provide Sound Leadership and seek to preserve what we have, so that we can move forward, together. I would appreciate your vote in November and look forward to spending more time with each of you this evening.

Thank you for coming.

Contact Neil via email at connect@neiltibbot.com.