Mayor Earling Endorses Neil Tibbott for Mayor

Pt Edwards, Edmonds WA – May 30, 2019

Last week, an energetic crowd of supporters gathered to join outgoing Mayor Dave Earling in supporting me for mayor.

Mayor Earling was enthusiastic in expressing his support for me as his replacement when his term expires. “Neil Tibbott is a thoughtful leader who is without exception the most experienced and qualified person to deliver results for Edmonds residents,” said Mayor Dave Earling. “He leads by example when it comes to convening diverse groups and finding solutions to difficult problems. That is just one reason he is so well regarded throughout the community. Neil is the clear choice to be our next mayor.”

I am honored to have the endorsement of Mayor Earling, whose service to this city has helped shape brighter futures for all residents. The Mayor is leaving Edmonds better than he found it. As I told the group who joined us for the announcement, I’m not affiliated with any political party. I’m running for mayor to serve the people of Edmonds. And, as your mayor, I’ll work to protect your family’s safety, guard our natural spaces, and preserve the unique character of Edmonds.

I’ll ensure you have a voice in decisions that impact you. I’ll bring voices together, and find win-win solutions. I’ll help create opportunities for the local businesses we count on. I will ensure that growth will take place responsibly and that we will invest in amenities that will serve as our legacy to generations who will follow us.

“We need a mayor who will truly fight for each resident,” said Mayor Earling. “We need a mayor who is impassioned but not volatile, someone who won’t flinch under pressure. Neil is that person. He puts politics aside, solicits information from multiple sources, weighs the issues carefully and then makes smart decisions. Neil leads with integrity, conviction, principle, and courage. I’m proud to endorse Neil and join others who also understand why he deserves our votes.”

In addition to the endorsement of Mayor Earling, I have been endorsed by former mayors Gary Haakenson, Barbara Fahey, and Laura Hall; current Councilmembers Thomas Mesaros and David Teitzel; four former Councilmembers; four Port Commissioners; five Edmonds Planning Board members; four Economic Development Commissioners; and School Board President Diana White. A full list of officials and citizens who are supporting my candidacy are listed on my website. You can join my list of supporters by clicking the button below.

I value and appreciate your support. Together we’re better – and together we’ll win in November! – Neil